Parrocchia San Pancrazio
Vescovo e Martire
Giardini Naxos


Pancrazio was born of a noble family from Antiochia.

He was baptized by Saint Peter and came to Sicily to present the Evangelist of Jesus Christ.

In the year 40 A.D.  they landed on the beach of ancient Naxos, after having converted the two owners of the ship, Romilio and Licaonide.

 At Taormina he spread the word of Christ, erecting the holy cross and destroying pagan idols.

Pancrazio became the first bishop of Sicily. He died martyr for Christ at Taormina. Every year in the last week of July, Giardini Naxos celebrates the historic "landing", and the fishermen, with their candlelit boats, carry the statue of the Saint to the shore.








rievocazione storica dello sbarco di San Pancrazio



 La Pieta'

    olio su tela del 1710, opera di A. Rossi



San Pancrazio

statua in legno del 1979 di G. Stufflesser








La storia foto


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